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Attaining Financial Freedom

You might be wondering, is there a shortcut to attaining financial freedom? Honestly, the answer lies within you; it depends on your determination to break out of the cycle of traditional ways of starting a business from scratch. We, at Wealtication, will be with you in every step of the way, until you are equipped with the information needed to succeed in the business industry.


Written by the founder Jessie J. Cage Jr. sent to you as a PREMIUM PRODUCT.

What is Wealtication?

Wealtication is a course where aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to pursue their dream of forming their own business and attaining knowledge that will surely be beneficial at their end. The course offers not only knowledge-based information, but also expertise based on years of hard work and experience.

The Wealtication course comes with an easy and accessible features like online courses, e-books, videos, and webinars, where you can totally hone your abilities through all walks of life in the business industry. It does not only prioritize learning, but also convenience for its dear users.

How Wealtication will help you?

This course will introduce you to the different sectors involved in forming a business, whether it is the traditional business by papers or the high-tech ones like trading, using crypto currency, binance coins or managing Non-Fungible Token or commonly known as NFT.

Wealtication will provide insights when it comes to banking institutions, government regulations related to business, privately held companies, and other financial institutions. These agencies and organizations have a fundamental role in the development of a business.

In short, the Wealtication course is an informational cartel driven by a passion to change the future of business by enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to strive for greatness and success.

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What makes Wealtication unique?

In Wealtication, we don’t sell hope; we share confidence; confidence to take the leap in pursuit towards the path of financial literacy and independence.

At the end of this course, you will discover that the most important aspect of business is financial management. Your finances and resources will be a waste if you don’t know how to handle it and make the most out of it.

We want you to learn, discover, and enjoy yourself at the same time. That’s why we ought to teach the fundamentals of corporate body principals, values, and commercial procedures. Assist in attracting investors and legal partnerships to help you expand and later on conquer the competitive business industry.

Expect that there will be numerous examples, illustrations, and fruitful insights for you to easily understand the content. Also, it aims at educating the youth and young at heart on the importance of Equity and Valuation, so that they can step up their own game.


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About Author


Jessie J. Cage broke the product development mode by creating an exclusive coffee brand from scratch out of his garage with a compensation plan for all distributors. Since 2014 Jessie J. Cage has been creating Blueprints, systems via project development concepts from e-commerce based sites to investment company structures for others to start businesses. As a partner, board member of a Hedge Fund Company founded by one of his friends, he focused completely on creating the infrastructure and submitting applications for funding and legal assistance etc.

He has a Tax Shelter Investment Group Company structure a long with a investment, management portfolio company for acquisitions, more to offer performance to his group., more as in the institutional investor manner. 

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Written by the founder Jessie J. Cage Jr. sent to you as a PREMIUM PRODUCT.
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